VA Syracuse
VA Syracuse

Buffalo, NY


The project included complete mechanical/electrical design services for a 197,000 sq. ft. building originally constructed between 1928 and 1929. The school, originally designed as a technical vocational school, has undergone major programming changes to include in more normal academic spaces, renovation to the automobile shops, add new technology shops, addition of science rooms and computer labs and provided gymnasium locker room expansion. A 10,000SF addition to the front of the building expanded the main office, provided an entrepreneurship classroom and gave the 80-year building a grand front entrance that was subject to the State Historic Preservation Office review.


The HVAC work included new ventilation systems for the entire building. A central air handler served the majority of the building while utilizing existing ductwork and risers. Additional air handlers were designed for the gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria and kitchen. New AC spilt systems were incorporated for administration offices and computer labs. A dust collection system was design to serve the new technology shop. Under a separate contract the energy management system was upgraded to serve the renovated building.


Plumbing work included renovation to the majority of toilet rooms in the facility. Existing main sanitary and water services in the crawl space were tapped into with new piping to serve these areas. Acid waste and vent piping with natural gas service were designed for the new science rooms. New piping was designed for the new kitchen. The existing booster pump system and gas fired water heater were replaced.


Electrical work included replacement of the remaining branch panelboards that were original to the building. New feeder conductors were design to be installed in existing conduits. A new gas-fired 150-kW generator was design to serve life safety loads and heating equipment. A fire alarm system was expanded to bring the existing system up to code. Existing lighting recently replaced under an energy performance contract was reused to the greatest extent possible to save construction costs. New data and phone drops were provided connecting to existing cross-connects. Also new web based CCTV and access control/intrusion detection system was designed to integrate with the existing school district system at City Hall.


Relevance: The Burgard School is a 4-story masonry structure almost 80 years old that is being upgraded to 21st century technology.