VA Syracuse
VA Syracuse

Wilkes-Barre, PA


RAM-TECH Engineers provided engineering services for the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Medical Gas, and Fire Protection systems in the 132,000 square foot five story LEED Silver building including two clinical levels, a lower service level and two 24,000 square foot upper level shelled future patient bed floors. The building includes a nominal 24,000 square foot Emergency Department, a nominal 36,000 square foot Surgical Floor with 12 ORs and associated support and utility spaces. The lower level includes a nominal 8,000 square foot Central Sterilization Suite. A heated deck helipad will be located on the 5th level roof.


Energy Conservation: Variable air volume systems included will reduce space airflows as needed, resulting in lower heating, cooling and electric energy consumption compared to constant air volume systems. Variable speed drives will be included for all heating and cooling pumps. Hot water and chilled water temperature reset will be included. The supply air temperature set point of each air handling unit will be provided with temperature reset capabilities be included. An economizer cycle will be provided with each air handling unit. The economizer cycle uses outside air to reduce the building’s cooling mechanical requirements when the enthalpy of the outside air is less than that of the return air. The lighting design resulted in an overall 1.2 watts per square foot power density. The LEED energy model for this demanding building shows a 20.5% energy usage reduction.


Water conservation is achieved through the use of vacuum flow restrictors for showers and water conserving plumbing fixtures. Additional water savings was obtained by capturing the clear condensate water from the cooling coils and returning it to the cooling tower makeup water systems. The overall water savings for this project is anticipated to be 39.9%

This new five story building is registered with the United States Green Building Council and has achieved Silver Certification June 2009.

2010 VISTA Award recipient for excellence in design and construction teamwork.