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VA Syracuse

LEED Gold Certification


The SUNY Oswego Townhouse complex consists of 16 buildings located on two dedicated streets on the SUNY Oswego Campus. Each building has a maximum height of 3 stories, and incorporates combinations of 3 distinctive townhouse unit types.

Domestic water conservation is achieved through the use of vacuum flow restrictors for showers and water conserving plumbing fixtures. Preliminary water models suggest water savings in excess of 40%.

The buildings are fully sprinklered utilizing a wet pipe, light hazard sprinkler system with dedicated Fire Protection services and fire department connections to each building.

Electrical service to the townhouses is provided by the existing campus 13,200-volt electrical system. A sub-primary loop arrangement is provided to serve the campus with pad-mount transformers to serve the buildings. The transformers employ an immersed loop-switch, integral demand meter and biodegradable insulating fluid which adheres to the LEED design approach.

The proposed energy efficient lighting and heating met the requirements of the New York State Executive Order 111, to reduce the energy consumption by a minimum of 20%. Preliminary DOE2 model predicts energy savings in the vicinity of 44%.

Stand-by power systems are provided by 3 emergency generators. Emergency Power Systems consist of LED battery type exit lights. Fire alarm panels in each apartment building include self contained batteries to provide back-up power.

This project is registered with the United States Green Building Council and has achieved LEED Gold Certification in January 2011.