VA Syracuse
VA Syracuse

Syracuse, NY


The project includes a new 11,700 SF barn with five holding stalls ranging from 800 SF, office, food prep, shower and toilet room, hay storage and supporting mechanical space. The building is of reinforced concrete construction, some precast and other poured-in-place. Equipment includes hydraulic gates, chutes, overhead doors and ERD (elephant restraining device). The project also included significant outdoor design with three large holding areas, an overlook pavilion, a viewing area for the public to view inside the facility, as well as a large day yard. The project also includes a new 3,700 SF outdoor dodecagon-shaped Primate Exhibit with viewing tunnel, steel mesh fencing, water feature, heated rocks, and climbing apparatus.


The primary heating system for the Elephant Barn is comprised of two 300mbh, high efficiency natural gas boilers that serve a radiant slab heating system with gas-fired ceiling hung unit heaters for supplemental heating. The ventilation air requirements are met by two 4,000 cfm energy recovery units. Power roof exhausters are provided for summer ventilation and industrial grade paddle fans are used for enhanced air circulation.


Plumbing systems include perimeter trench drains connected to a sealed manhole with duplex sewage pump, elephant drinkers, and thermostatically controlled mixed water for hosedown applications, all supported by two high efficiency domestic water heaters. The building is served by a 2" gas main, 4" domestic water service and 8" fire service. The building is equipped with a wet pipe sprinkler system with Storz fire department connection.


The electrical service consists of a 400 ampere, 120/208 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire underground system with pad-mounted transformer. Medium voltage services is extended from the existing Penguin Exhibit pad-mounted transformer. A new 80 kW outdoor natural gas generator is provided for standby emergency power to the building. Lighting systems include energy efficient pulse-start metal halide and flourescent systems and LED exit lights, with all interior lighting systems controlled by occupancy sensors. A new intelligent addressable FCI INX fire alarm system is provided, and reports to a central station. Lightning protection systems were provided for both the Elephant Building and the Primate Exhibit.