RAM-TECH is dedicated to developing green buildings through direct project application of green strategies and commissioning policies.

We are participating in LEED™, an internationally recognized green building certification system, and a part of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Mechanical Engineering



Air Conditioning

Indoor Air Quality

Humidity Control

Energy Conservation Audits

Clean Rooms

Isolation Rooms

Fire Protection Systems

Dust Collection Systems

Energy Recovery Systems

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Plumbing / Fire Protection

Storm Water Systems

Domestic Water Systems

Soil & Waste Systems

Pressure Booster Systems

Water Conditioning

Water Filtration

Water Treatment Systems

Fire Protection Systems

DI & RO Water Supply Systems

Reverse Osmosis and Deionization

Storm Water Reclamation

Grey Water Supply Systems

Electrical Engineering


Overhead and Underground


To 115KV


To 115KV

SCADA Systems

Supervisory control and data acquisition

Load Systems


Indoor & Outdoor

Standby Emergency Generation

Building Power

Co-Generation Systems

Distributed Generation

Special Systems

Uninterruptible Power


Telephone Systems

Low Voltage Control Systems

Security Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Public Address Systems

Communication Systems

Life Safety Systems

Fuel Supply Systems

Medical Gas Systems

Environmental Systems

SPCC Plans

Spill Prevention Control and Counter-Measure

Underground Storage Tank

(UST) Remediation and Replacement

PCB Management Programs

Site Environment Impact

Studies & Assessments

Indoor Air Quality

(IAQ) Testing and Remediation

Additional Services

Building Systems Code Review

Continuing Engineering Services

Emergency Engineering Assistance

Design-Build Services

via Raman & Borick Technical Services

Utilities Deregulation Support Services